//Canadian airport using drone to scare off birds from runways

Canadian airport using drone to scare off birds from runways

Bird strikes can cause costly damage at airports and are dangerous to aircraft, and the effect of a collision with an aircraft can even be fatal.

But a Canadian airport hopes to resolve this problem by using ‘Robird’ – a drone that mimics the flight of a falcon.“By mimicking their natural counterparts through silhouette and behavior, they are indistinguishable from real-life birds of prey to other birds,” said Wessel Straatman, a research and development engineer for Clear Flight Solutions. “Birds instinctively react to the presence of birds of prey, making it less attractive for them to come to that area,” he told Digital Trends.

The lifelike falcon drone can be used to chase off birds, convincing them that it’s a real life predator.

The Robird will scare real birds away from Edmonton International Airport, Canada’s largest airport in terms of surface area, starting at the end of May.

Flocks in the vicinity will be scared off by the combination of silhouette and wing movement.

In essence, the manufacturers say, the birds believe that one of their natural enemies is eyeing them up, as the Robird has the appearance and weight of a real falcon.

The drone birds — made by Netherlands-based Clear Flight Solutions — mimic real falcons, with a detailed feather print and beating wings. Flying